Pollença fathers learn mindfully how to become the best parents in the world


More than 80 parents and mothers of Pollença are learning to be the best parents in the world. It may sound too ambitious, but it is not impossible: it is simply to pay full attention to the education of the children. In addition, recent psychological research, such as in a University of Vermont study with 600 parents with children aged 3 to 17, has revealed that children of parents who practice mindfulness have a much lower probability, in the short and long term to fall into drugs, be depressed, suffer anxiety or isolate with mobile devices.

To achieve these positive results, as in everything, you have to work it out and that's why 80 fathers, mothers and some grandmothers  assist weekly to the "Mindfulness Workshop for fathers, mothers and grandmas" at the Club Pollença. It is about closing the circle started with the successful teaching version of this same workshop in which 150 teachers and professors participated.

With this three-week training, parents will learn in theirselves mindfulness techniques so they can later share them with their children. In fact, some parents have already noticed some immediate and surprising result, such as the case of the father who commented on how had changed the attitude of his rebellious and distant teenage son after a single session: "he approached me and asked me for more information of mindfulness, lengthening a conversation as we had not had for years ... ". Other experiences shared in the workshop also indicated the balsamic effect of mindfulness in younger children "in 30 seconds he relaxed and fall completely asleep".

There is still one last day of the workshop, but the fathers and mothers already ask for more, that is why more days have been set, allowing parents to join with their children te teachers to work together, share experiences and work for the happiness of their children and the whole family.

In the workshop José Luis-Reig, clinical psychologist, researcher of the UIB and Ib-Salut, has pointed out the three key points of a conscious parenthood: Realize your own feelings when you are in conflict with your child, learn to pause before responding with anger and listen attentively and consciously to the point of view of our children, even if you are completely disagree. This attitude preserves the father-son relationship and the role of parents, so that it can be kept safe even in difficult times or crisis. This is the goal: parents with authority, without any need to be authoritarian.

This workshop is part of the initiative Pollença Municipi Mindful, approved by the full City Council, which includes a whole program of activities and which is subjected to a rigorous broad-spectrum research to measure the effectiveness and impact of the implementation of mindfulness to all levels (society, education, health, business, safety, health, drug consumption, ...) developing and taking a step further from the "Mindful Nation" model approved unanimously in the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

This "pollencí" project has already crossed borders and attracted the attention of the Ministry of Education of the province and the University of Córdoba, Argentina (one of the oldest and most prestigious in Latin America) that have requested to share it to the educational community to implement it as pilot program in the municipality of Mendiolaza for its potential application to the entire territory.