Congress focal point

Sc. D. Domingo Quintana
Sc. D. Domingo Quintana

Five years of clinical experience demonstrate the effectiveness of mindfulness in Alzheimer's and early Dementias

The spectacular results of the clinical investigation of the application of Mindfulness to the Conservation of Cognitive Capacities in the early stages of Alzheimer's and Dementias will be the focal point of this Congress aimed at health professionals, caregivers and the patients. These investigations have been directed by the Doctor in Clinical Psychology and Gerontologist Domingo Quintana of the University of La Laguna. The main finding shows that it is possible to modify the course of this pathology when the patient and their main caregiver practice a mindfulness-based psychotherapy in the tasks of daily life.

Clinical and empirical research on mindfulness applied to health is having very encouraging results. Its practical and clinical application will be the subject of this Congress where prominent experts like Ausiàs Cebolla (Univ. València), Francisco Gázquez (pioneer in research in mindulness in Spain) or José Luis-Reig (clinical psychologist and researcher of Univ. I. Balears) will participate with extensive experience in the application of mindfulness in health: therapist for fibromyalgia and mental illnesses of the Health System of the Balearic Islands. The direct experience of caregivers, family members, users and Alzheimer therapists determines the orientation of the Congress to the practical field. 

The environment of the Congress is Pollença, the most attractive, exclusive and desired tourist destination in the Mediterranean, recently declared "Mindful Municipality".